Photo Gallery (Here's the design we have made before)
Orajet 3162G Vinly--US$49.99
No lamination
With Die-cut
Vinly Thickness:100 micron(4mil/0.1mm)
Duration:3~6 Months
For short term applications like a single race weekend or casual practices

-3M IJ1220N Vinly--US$89.99
with lamination(Oraguard 270G)
No Die-cut
Vinly Thickness:125 micron(5mil/0.125mm)
Laminate Thickness:150 micron(6mil/0.15mm)
Total Thickness:275 micron(11mil/0.275mm)
Duration:6-12 Months
Laminated and good for a complete racing season. Water and dirt proof. Washable

-Ultracurve 660LSE Vinly--US$139.99
with lamination (Ultracurve 1500) *
No Die-cut
Vinly Thickness:150 micron(6mil/0.15mm)
Laminate Thickness:380 micron(15mil/0.38mm)
Total Thickness:530 micron(21mil/0.53mm)
Duration:1-2 Years
Highest quality decal and laminate. Same quality as factory decal. Washable. Wateproof and Dirt proof. Very durable
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