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KD-R001 1994 B194 F1 Racing Sticker Decal Set for RM1 [KD-R001]

 - 1: 1 Vinyl Pre-Cut Decal Set for use with your Kart
 - High Quality, Water proof Self Adhesive Sticker Decal
 - Can be applied directly to body
 - Pre cut and ready to use and apply
 - Whole Set of Decals included for Front Bumper / Nose / Side Pod / Fuel Tank
 - We can custom make / design for you
 - Can provide Decal Set for other Karts (Tony Kart / CRG etc)

PS: Pre-cut..

shipping : by Airmail 7-14 working days,by Express 4-5 working days.

Place order and Choose your bodystyle:
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breadboxCadet_Mini 1Cadet_Mini 2Cadet_Mini 3Cadet_Mini 4
EUROSTAR WingsFreeline Cadet 06Intrepid BabyKartKG DuoKG MK14
KG PandaKG Panda EvoMGR01(long)MGR01(short)OTK Cadet TonyKart(Rocky)
OTK KidKart TonyKartOTK M1 TonyKartOTK M2 TonyKartOTK M4 TonyKartRM1
RR BreadBox 05RR Cadet 08RR MGR01 F4K 08RR XTR-14Scribner Bodyline
Scribner Bodyline2stiloTONYKART M2 OTK 04topkart 09 fullsizeTopKart Cadet 05
TopKart Cadet 05-08TopKart Cadet 06-07TopKart Cadet 08-11UNICOSQ Kart
We can customize the design of decal for you.
If you cannot find your desired bodystyle here, no problem.
You can choose Custom Designs button and order.And send us some pics and detail info of your kart.
Our designer will contact you directly by email to find out the template of your pod type.

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